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Splendid Voyage blog

At the heart sits a striking sailboat glistening in silvery brilliance, every jewellery piece of the Splendid Voyage is artfully crafted to pursue and experience the beauty of life, ready to voyage and embark on a journey of imagination. Exploring our extraordinary selections, from the exquisite diamond arm rings to the minimalist geometric brooches and designer necklaces, each piece is designed to be disassembled and transformed into exquisite diamond jewellery.

Splendid Voyage

Jewel Treasure I


Crafted with 18K yellow gold and diamonds, these geometric sail brooches capture minimalist elegance with sharp and linear designs. Sleek and sophisticated, these brooches bring a subtle touch of glamorousness, navigating the sailboat on the open sea.

Jewel Treasure II

Nautical Burgee Pendant

This splendid nautical burgee pendant draws inspiration from the essence of maritime traditions. It is meticulously crafted with shimmering diamonds – bringing a touch of elegance to the sailboat and evoking the twinkling reflections dancing on the surface of the rough sea.

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Jewel Treasure III

Lifeboat Pendant

A tribute of resilience and perseverance, the Lifeboat diamond pendant, crafted from the finest 18K yellow gold, reminds us of our brightest tomorrows amidst a sea of possibilities. It embarks on a journey of adventures and gives us a spirit of endurance for whatever challenges in life.

Jewel Treasure IV

Anchor Earrings

Featuring an anchor motif – a signature nautical inspiration of strength, hope and stability, these anchors can be transformed into a pair of extraordinary earrings precisely crafted with gold and diamonds.

Anchor Earrings-Splendid Voyage-Fine Jewellery Reimaged

Jewel Treasure V

Sail Arm Rings

Setting out into the vast ocean with nothing but the wind, the waves and the sails is a fun and thrilling adventure like no other. Fueling with passion for sailing, these exquisite diamond arm rings shimmering in two different patterns, intricate sophisticated craftsmanship and textures – allowing you to set sail in artistic styles.

Sail Arm Rings-1-Splendid Voyage-Fine Jewellery Reimaged
Sail Arm Rings-2-Splendid Voyage-Fine Jewellery Reimaged

The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever. The vastness and beauty of the sea have always been a source of inspiration. There’s nothing quite like sailing on the open sea. The best part of our Splendid Voyage is – the infinite imagination always reminds us that possibility awaits in life. From brilliant diamonds to the unique nautical-inspired designs, each piece of jewellery showcases exceptional artistry and ingenious style, yearning for adventure and determination to forge ahead.

Having been dazzled by our Splendid Voyage collection, we dream big dreams! At EJI, our imagination and creativity run wild. We remain dedicated to bringing our passion and pursuit in excellence and craftsmanship to life. We’re all ears and ready to help you create one-of-a-kind piece with our bespoke jewellery service – make your big dreams come true!

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