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CIIE 2021

To celebrates EJI’s 30th anniversary, the Hong Kong jeweller unveiled Fine Jewellery, Reimaged, a special project that takes fine jewellery making beyond the realm of body accessory at the 2021 China International Import Expo (CIIE) held in Shanghai, China earlier this month. The project presents 3 design concepts including a collaboration with local embroidery house La broderie.

Sparkling Moment
CIIE 2021 Sparkling Moment 1 - EJI

EJI makes two champagne flutes, each with a unique, one-of-a-kind design constructed with diamonds and 18k gold, and the result can not be more eye catching. One of the flutes, crafted with a 18k rose gold and diamonds, is meticulously designed to hold the delicate glassware much like the sepal of a flower. Designed for those who want to add a subtle touch of elegance into their everyday lives, the second flute features an understated 18k white gold chain that hangs effortlessly around the bowl that is made detachable for extra practicality. Both dazzling pieces are designed to hold customisable diamond-studded gold alphabet dangles that double as bracelet or necklace charms, making it a versatile and sophisticated gift. Elegant and stylish, every sip is elevated by the brimming brilliance of the Sparkling Moment champagne flutes.

Modern Bloom
CIIE 2021 Modern Bloom 3 - EJI

With Modern Bloom, EJI transforms an everyday homeware into an artisanal creation that is as practical as it is wearable. Inspired by the city’s luminous skyline after dark, EJI masterfully turns a table lamp of blossoming roses into a fanciful uplighter adorned with detachable 18k gold diamonds enamel brooches and pendants. Upon a closer look, viewers will be pleased to find a number of dainty enamel diamond butterflies that can be worn as a ring.

EJI x La broderie: Ethereal Dream
CIIE 2021 Etheral Dream copy - EJI

EJI collaborates with Hong Kong embroiderer La broderie to create Ethereal Dream, a collection of exquisite hand-embroidered jewellery featuring the bespoke craftsmanship of the brands. La broderie is known for creating artisanal embroidery pieces which seamlessly incorporate traditional Chinese and classic French techniques, Ethereal Dream takes this one-of-a-kind craftmanship into the dazzlingly world of fine jewellery and the result is extraordinary.

Embroidery is an artistic legacy which has been practiced throughout the history of China, the craft was adopted by the West around the 7th century, through a mix of cultural and societal influences, the craft took on a life of its own. Since 2006, various schools of Chinese embroidery were inscribed onto China’s list of intangible cultural heritage, strengthening the importance of the ancient craft.

The crossover collection brings together La broderie’s signature hand-embroidered butterfly and EJI’s fine jewellery design. Completed in 18k gold, diamonds and precious stones, Ethereal Dream is a unique juxtaposition of the best of both worlds.