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The mastery behind our craft: excellence in every facet of our jewellery manufacturing

At EJI, we are more than just a qualified fine jewellery manufacturer, we are artisans dedicated to the craft of fine jewellery creation. Each piece we create is a testament to our commitment to excellence. Join us as we take you behind the scenes of our intricate manufacturing steps, ensuring every detail is nothing short of perfect.

The Genesis: Design and Concept

Every exquisite jewellery creation begins with an idea – a vision born from the concept to embark on this production journey. Our skilled designers are artists who transform inspiration to design sketches, capturing classic elegance alongside innovation trends.

EJI is a Hong Kong based jewellery manufacturer specializing in diamond gold jewellery with over 30 years of experience providing bespoke, oem and wholesale serive etc

Advanced Technology Meets Precision: The CAD Stage

With the initial design in hand, we move to the Computer-Aided Design (CAD) stage. Here, our CAD specialists create a 3D model from sketch, visualizing the final product and allowing us to refine every facet of the jewellery.

Bringing Designs to Life: 3D Printing and Casting

Following the CAD process, we utilize 3D printer to create a precise physical model of the design. This pivotal step not only confirms the design’s feasibility but also allows for any necessary adjustments, greatly enhancing our capabilities in handling big orders with precision and efficiency.

Through our sophisticated casting process, the model is transformed into precious metal. As it cools and hardens, it adopts the shape form of the mould, ready for further refinement and assembly.

The Art of Craftsmanship: Grinding and Assembly

Post-casting, each piece of casting undergoes a rigorous grinding process to remove rough edges and smoothen the surface. Grinding is a crucial step in our manufacturing process, requiring highly precise skills and a great deal of attention to detail. This ensures that the pieces are in their final form and free from imperfections.

Following this, the jewellery pieces are assembled with absolute precision. Our skilled jewellers ensure that each component fits flawlessly, setting the stage for the brilliance of diamonds to come.

Setting the Sparkle: Diamond Setting

Diamond setting is an art form in itself. Our most experienced jewellers delicately secure each diamond, optimizing the stone’s visibility and brilliance while ensuring it is held firmly. The beauty of the jewellery hinges on the perfection of its setting.

Final Touches: Polishing and Rhodium Plating

Polishing is the penultimate step that brings out the vibrant shine and smooth finish of our jewellery. Following that, rhodium plating enhances the shine further while significantly increasing the durability and resistance to scratches and tarnish. This ensures each piece not only looks spectacular but is also crafted to last a lifetime.

Quality Control

After the final touches, every piece undergoes a strict quality control process to guarantee it is free of defects and meets our high standards of craftsmanship. This ensures that each piece we craft carries the hallmark of unparalleled quality and an enduring commitment to excellence.

Equipped with the most advanced technology equipment, we combine exceptional expertise and meticulous craftsmanship in our creations. The entire process is well-established to foster precision and maintain the highest standards. Our commitment extends beyond the creation of fine jewellery; we endeavour to deliver exceptional service that exceeds your expectations, from the initial design concept to the final creation.

Whether you’re launching a new jewellery business, or you’re a savvy chain store owner looking for wholesale opportunities, we invite you to discover our breathtaking fine jewellery collections and learn more about our personalized services at the upcoming JCK Las Vegas 2024. We’re ready to showcase a potent blend of excellence and elegance. See ya there!

Opening Hour

May 30, Friday – June 2, Sunday
9:30am – 6:00pm
June 3, Monday
9:30am – 4:00pm

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