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Why Ethical Supply Chain Matters for Our Responsible Jewellery?

As one of Hong Kong’s leading fine jewellery manufacturers, we always have a sincere ambition to be an eco-friendly and responsible jeweller. We strive for our best to reduce our environmental impacts and make our business in meaningful ways to give back to our planet. We devote ourselves to creating sustainable and responsible jewellery. Ethical sourcing is the first step. We believe it is the right way we work towards a better future, together.

In an age where consumers are increasingly concerned with sustainability and responsible business practices. We are now writing to open up our ethical and sustainable sourcing practices to show you how we create our responsible jewellery, and to give you peace of mind when purchasing from us.

100% Certified Recycled Gold

For many years, we have focused on the traceability of the metals we use for our jewellery manufacturing production. In 2019, we reached 100% Certified Recycled Gold in our manufacturing production. We purchase recycled gold through Heraeus Limited, one of the world’s leading suppliers of precious metals, and is a trusted and certified RJC member. As a certified member of the RJC, we aim to meet the highest industry standards concerning business ethics, labour safety, human rights, and environmental preservation. All responsible gold we purchase follows the RJC Chain of Custody Standards.

Ethically-sourced Diamonds and Gemstones

Ethical and sustainable sourcing is at the heart of our business. Every step of our responsible jewellery production chain is verifiable and traceable. All our diamonds and gemstones are sourced with the highest ethical standards. We have long pushed to follow the Kimberley Process for conflict-free diamonds, but we recognized we had to do more than that. To safeguard our initiative, we also used Know Your Supplier (KYS) solution.

Working towards transparency and traceability is a real collaborative effort with our suppliers. We purchase our diamonds from Sightholders who subscribed to the Best Practice Principles Assurance Programme (BPPs). They are our trusted partners. Our due diligence process includes a rigorous selection of our suppliers to guarantee quality and ensure that every diamond and gemstone we use are ethically sourced. We also monitor and review our suppliers to maintain ethical standards, ensuring that they share our ethical thoughts at all times.

As a responsible B2B jewellery company, we demonstrate ethics and integrity in our business practices and embrace transparency in our supply chain. Transparency breeds trust and we believe creating ethical and responsible jewellery contributes to customer satisfaction. We value our customers. Each and every piece of our responsible jewellery gives them a good sense of conscience. For our customers, there’s more than the joy of wearing a beautiful piece of jewellery, but higher satisfaction and a positive feeling in their purchasing decision.

Our walk counts more than our talk, always. Driving improvement of ethical standards across our supply chain is a challenge, but one which is exceptionally rewarding when we see positive feedback from our customers. We will continuously work on our commitment to ethical behaviours and implement the best possible practices across our business. With our words, you can put your clients at ease!

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