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Our Inspiring Visit to Evangel Children’s Home

As a caring and responsible jewellery manufacturer based in Hong Kong, we yearn to make a difference by positively contributing to our community. We value our responsibility to build a better world for future generations.  Over the years, we are proud to have partnered with Evangel Children’s Home. Together we have built a range of meaningful and unforgettable memories for the children and our people through fund-raising events and visits.

We have a long-standing partnership with Evangel Children’s Home to support and lift the spirits of the children. Our people were BEYOND thrilled to be able to visit the Children’s Home again on June 17, after restrictions prevented us since the pandemic. 9 volunteers in total participated in this 3-hour ink art class. The smiling faces of the children were heartwarming. We started with an ice-breaking game and shared our names and favourite hobbies.

As a creative jeweller, an art painting interest class is a perfect way for us to bond with the children and spend time together. This art creation experience inspired the children and unleashed their talents and creativity. The place was filled with joy and laughter. It was a memorable and fun experience that not only brought joy to the children, also reminded all of us of the value of giving back to our community in whatever small ways we can.

At the end of the visit, we saw all the beautiful paintings. The happiness faces of the children touched our hearts and made this experience worthwhile. We can see our people bringing plenty of heart and creativity to this painting workshop with the children. It was truly hard to tell who had the most fun!


As a leading jewellery manufacturing company, we have never forgotten our role in the community. The visit has proven our determination to value our future generations and by supporting children is a contribution towards their blazing future. We always treasure humanity and spread love. Working together with our people to bring happiness to others strengthens our values that unite us as a big family.


About Evangel Children’s Home​

Evangel Children’s Home (ECH) was established in 1956 and founded by Ms Ruth Sundquist, an American missionary from the US Evangelical Free Church. ECH has been committed to supporting the healthy growth of orphans, children and youth from broken families or families with difficult backgrounds.

Huge thanks to everyone who made this such a joyful day!

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