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EJI Continues Its heartwarming journey with evangel children’s home

Amidst our busy business work schedule, we never forget our responsibilities and commitment to our role as a pillar in the community. Our ongoing partnership with Evangel Children’s Home is a cornerstone of this commitment, allowing us to support and uplift some of the most vulnerable members of society – children who come from challenging backgrounds.

A Day of Art and Inspiration

On this beautiful day on June 29, after all our demanding show schedule from the first half of the year, our dedicated volunteering team had the privilege of visiting the Evangel Children’s Home – a tradition that continues to enrich both our hearts and those of the children we meet. We once again engaged in a delightful ink art painting workshop centered around the theme of Love in Ink, Sparrows and Lychee (「我愛水墨—天與地」) and reconnected with the children. Laughter and joy filled the space, the visit not only brought out smiles, but also sparked immense creativity among the young children.

Continuous Support with SEN 3.0

This year, we proudly announce a significant enhancement to our support for the Evangel Children’s Home. We have committed to being one of the primary donors for the SEN 3.0 project. This initiative will focus on enhancing daycare services for children with special educational needs (SEN), aiming to provide targeted support that fosters their growth and development in nurturing environments.

Looking ahead, we are excited to continue this heartwarming journey with Evangel Children’s Home, filled with more creativity, commitment, and positive support in the years to come.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who made this visit a memorable and joyful day!

EJI volunteered at Evangel Children's Home

About Evangel Children’s Home​

Evangel Children’s Home (ECH) was established in 1956 and founded by Ms Ruth Sundquist, an American missionary from the US Evangelical Free Church. ECH has been committed to supporting the healthy growth of orphans, children and youth from broken families or families with difficult backgrounds.

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